In every precision ag program, it’s best practice to employ check/test strips within your field so that you can quantify which treatments or practices paid dividends this year so you can implement them, or try something different, for the next year.  Having a yield monitor that’s spatially and volumetrically accurate is a necessary tool to complete this task.  A loss of accuracy in either or both of these areas is like having a measuring stick that’s been cut up in different length of pieces and put back together in a different order…it’s useless!

While most yield monitors out there do a great job of sensing crop on the go they can only do it with constant calibrations.  Most growers we’ve talked to either do ZERO calibrations or they do a single calibration under average harvesting conditions and take what the display tells them after that.  While this may be “good enough” for some, it isn’t good enough to help you makes changes in your operation, which is what the premise of precision ag is to begin with; to do better where it counts.








  • A totally new flow sensor is positioned on the elevating side of the clean grain elevator of your combine
    • This takes advantage of the natural centrifugal force which throws the grain up and forward as the chain makes the turn around the upper sprocket
  • Standard clean grain elevator chain is replaced with model-specific chain using HDPE paddles
    • Paddles that do not flex ensure grain is pitched onto same area of flow sensor every single time
  • New CGE chain also is equipped with a grain properties bucket (green) and crud brush
    • Grain properties bucket provides secondary kick of grain as it reaches top dead center which is used to calibrate for changing test weights and harvest conditons
    • Crud brush continuously scrapes the flow sensor to lessen crud build-up that can occur when harvesting damp, dirty soybeans
  • One calibration load per crop is all that’s required
    1. 25000lbs of crop is harvested
    2. Harvested weight is compared to actual weight
    3. Calibration factor is calculated and applied








Compatible Combines:

John Deere Models:

  • 9×00 Series
  • 9×10 Series
  • 50 Series
  • 60 Series
  • 70 Series
  • S-Series

Case IH Models:

  • 2×77 Series
  • 2×88 Series
  • x088 Series
  • x130 Series
  • x140 Series
  • x010 Series
  • x230 Series
  • x240 Series

Claas Lexion Models:

  • 4×0 Series
  • 5×0 Series
  • 7×0 Series