Placing the right hybrid in the right area can put produce a healthy yield advantage.  Beck’s Practical Farm Research shows a +7.9 bu/acre advantage when defensive hybrids are placed in low performing soils and offensive hybrids are placed in high performing ones.  In order to capture this yield, a strategy must be developed that targets the problem from two directions:

First, you need to analyze your fields to identify where the different hybrids can be placed and develop a prescription for your farm with help from us here at Precision Point and/or your trusted cropping advisors.  Secondly, you’ll need a machine that can execute this prescription and with help from Precision Planting you can do it with the planter that’s already in your shed!







  • Only solution on the market that allows a retrofitted, single-row multi-hybrid configuration
  • Turns your existing Central-Fill planter into a single row multi-hybrid machine of the future
    • Compatible with select John Deere, Case IH, and Kinze Planters
  • Split 1.6 bushel hoppers will also allow you to turn your box planter into a multi-hybrid machine
  • Industry-best, counter-rotating vSet meters with vDrive are placed back-to-back to drop seeds down the same seed tube
    • Averages 99.7% Singulation
    • vDrive allows for integrated clutching, row-by-row population control, and turn compensation
  • Hybrid change occurs within 18″ or less
  • If no prescription is available or needs to be overridden, operator can easily choose desired hybrid within SeedSense display
  • Harvesting with YieldSense offers seamless data collection thanks to automatic hybrid changes and unmatched accuracy for volumetric and spatial yield data