As “big data” is mined for actionable insights within agriculture we’re becoming ever closer to knowing when the optimal planting date for each season will be.   Taking full advantage of this ideal planting date will require you to cover more acres in less time.

Furthermore, corn hybrids of the future are being developed for high populations which can only be properly achieved with narrower row spacings.  It’s likely that you’ll see several companies develop particular hybrids that will perform best at 20-22″ spacing.  In order to optimize these high population stands, your planter will also need to be able to produce picket-fence stands as well.


To solve both of these problems, there’s only one solution out there that will transform your present day planter into the high-speed planter of the future and you can only get it from Precision Planting!








  • vSet 2 Meter has patented 6th lobe singulator to orient seed properly before hand off to SpeedTube
  • Patented belt-delivery system is not susceptible to seed treatment removal like competitive brush-delivery systems are
  • Electric motor independently drives belt to match ground speed
    • Seed is always dropped at zero-momentum to ensure the best seed spacing possible
  • System is wholly 12VDC powered just like vDrive
    • No complicated 24VDC or 56VDC systems to worry about
  • Runs on SRM infrastructure allowing for scalability
    • Add it to your existing vDrive and DeltaForce setup without starting over
  • Works as a retro-fit with select models from the following planter brands:
    • John Deere
    • Kinze
    • Case IH
    • White 8000 and 9000