Moisture probes aren’t a new idea for agriculture. Being able to assign a number value to anything on your farm allows you to measure change and make better management decisions. For many years though the industry has lacked a moisture probe solution that is of practical use, affordable, and utilizes hardware that produces a positive ROI with repeatable year-over-year results. With the MPR from FieldWise, you satisify all those requirements and more!


  • Enclosure is rated to withstand moisture, dust, and impact
  • Integrated solar panel keeps internal lithium-ion battery charged even on cloudy days to ensure data flow is rarely interrrupted
  • Spread Spectrum 900Mhz, Verizon or AT&T LTE Modems available to ensure coverage wherever your farm is located
  • Compatible with any Capacitance Probes utilizing the SDI-12 communication protocol
    • AquaCheck subsurface 6 and 10 sensor Capacitance
    • Sentek Drill and Drop 9 sensor Capacitance
    • HydraSCOUT Capacitance
  • Probe location is selected based on soil water-holding capacity, majority soil type, and elevation to ensure the data you get is most representative of your field/crop demands
  • In-season Management Service from Precision Point LLC’s water specialists ensure the data your probe generates is articulated into information you can use

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