Standard Features:

  • Pivot Running/Off Monitor
  • Direction (Fwd/Rev) Monitor
  • Speed Monitor
  • Endgun Monitor
  • On-Board GPS Receiver to determine pivot heading
  • Stop Pad (Stop by Degree)
  • Task Scheduler allows you to Send Commands at Preferred Times
    • e.g. Allows for starting/stopping of a device or groups of devices on certain days at certain times for Load Control by Power Utility

Optional Features:

  • Start Function for both Hot and Neutral Safety Pivots
  • Speed Control (Main Panel is set to 100%)
    • Fixed Rate or Variable Rate Application up to 360 zones (1 degree precision)
  • Endgun Control (8 programmable zones by GPS degree)
  • Wet/Dry Status via Presssure Transducer or Manually set Pressure Switch
  • Auxiliary Relay that can control another output of your choice by GPS degree
  • Integrated LoRa radio can communicate with other in-field devices to add functionality to your irrigation system
    • Example 1: LoRa device at your pump(s) can be paired with Z5-ET to gain remote control of your pump on/off without a computer panel
    • Example 2: Z5-ET device can be placed at centerpoint and paired with a LoRa Remote GPS unit for Hydraulic Drive pivots

Highlight Features:

  • Allows you to upgrade your basic control panel to a computer panel without starting over
  • 5″ Capacitive Touchscreen has been tested in all temperature extremes to ensure it will perform year-in and year-out
  • Modernized user interface is intuitive and as easy to use as your smart phone or tablet
  • Built-in Telemetry means all changes made on the web portal are reflected at the terminal and vice versa

Included Monitors & Controls:

  • Start
  • Stop
  • Direction
  • Speed
  • Endgun
  • Multiple Endguns
  • Aux 1 (Chem)
  • Aux 2
  • Stop Pad
  • Task Scheduler
  • Pump
  • Auto-Reverse
  • Auto-Restart
  • Rotophase
  • Up to 5 Remote Wells