Chasing your irrigation systems during the growing season is a real chore.  Having breakdowns occur and not knowing about them can really be detrimental to yield if they happen during the most critical of growth stages.  There are several brands available when it comes to pivot telemetry systems, but there are none more reliable, versatile, and cost-effective than FieldWise!  Whether you have pivots prone to nuisance shutdowns, you need an “extra hand” on your farm during irrigation season, or you just want to spend more time at the lake, FieldWise has a solution!


  • LTE-M, 3G, or 900Mhz Spread Spectrum communication available
  • 900Mhz Radio network built and maintained by FieldWise offers:
    • Lightning-fast response times
    • Hardware that is NOT susceptible to frequency sunset dates like competitive telemetry systems so you’ll never be forced to upgrade unless you want to
  • Take control of your old pivot with these great options:
    • Start (even for neutral-safety machines)
    • Endgun Controlled by GPS heading
    • Speed Controlled by Manual Rate, Manual Plan, or Custom-Built Speed VRI Rx
    • Remote Direction Control (Limitations may apply)
  • Only brand on the market that works with your existing Computer Panel setup
  • Only brand on the market that can retrofit your existing mechanical panel with a computerized, touch-screen, interface at the control panel without adding a new enclosure
  • Push Notifications can be sent to an unlimited number of users and can be customized for each user, group of pivots, etc.
    • Text messaging can be enabled for $15/user per year if user opts to do so
  • All hardware is built and globally supported in Ewing, NE  USA

FieldWise Demo

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