Precision Point continues to help local growers innovate and improve their crop production by retrofitting their planters with equipment that increases the grower’s efficiency and solves problems in their planter pass that they previously didn’t know they had.

This particular project made their current planter BETTER than new and did it for just short of the dollar amount they would have paid out of pocket to trade their planter for a newer model.  Contact us today to discover how we can do the same for your operation!  We only seek to solve problems that will give you the best ROI and we work with operations big and small!

JD 1770NT CCS 16r30 Retrofit Specifications:

  • 40′ Stock John Deere 1770NT Bar with CCS and Back Running Tires
    • 16 row 30″ spacing
    • John Deere XP Row Units
  • Harvest International Retrofit Parallel Arm Linkages
    • Replaces stock John Deere Parallel arms and Air bags which were worn out
    • These Parallel Arms use the same construction as LaserPro 1 Row unit from Harvest International but all parts after the “goal post” are the stock JD XP row units with cast construction
    • This Parallel Arm design is expected to last 8-10 years without any need for parts replacement due to its heavy duty construction with integrated dry lubricated tapered bearings
  • vSet 2 with vDrive from Precision Planting
    • Electric Driven Seed Meter allows for Row-by-Row Population Control, Turn Compensation, and Integrated Clutching
    • mSet Compatible Mini Hoppers allow for addition of SpeedTube and/or mSet for Multi-Hybrid Planting in the future without starting from scratch
  • DeltaForce from Precision Planting
    • Row-by-Row Dynamic DownForce Control with the ability to Lift if needed
    • Guarantees that each row unit reaches its target depth with the optimal amount of Down Force provided throughout every inch it plants
  • Yetter 2968-020A Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Openers
    • Places Fertilizer 2″ off Row in slot after Opening Disc passes
  • SunCo SaberTooth Floater Row Cleaners
    • Adjustable Spring Down Pressure for Parallel arm action design
    • Ensures residue is rolled out of the path of the row unit to ensure even, uniform emergence
  • RK Products Gauge Wheel Arm and Closing Wheel Rebuild Kits