Precision Point has been working diligently to produce a custom-built planter equipped with the latest innovations from Precision Planting and Harvest International for an area crop producer.  The planter left our facility on April 11th to the great satisfaction of its owner!  Please contact us if you have questions about this project or are considering building a custom planter for your operation with the experts at Precision Point LLC!


PB4422FR Specifications:

  • 44′ Harvest International Bar with Front Running Tires
    • 24 row 22″ spacing
    • Hammer Strap Attachment to Tractor
    • Pre-Plumbed Hydraulic Lines
    • Internal Vacuum
    • Integrated Touch Screen Control for Fold/Seed Delivery Fan Control from the cab
  • CaseIH OEM Central Seed Delivery System
  • CaseIH OEM Row Units
    • 12×5 Series
  • vSet 2 with vDrive from Precision Planting
    • Electric Driven Seed Meter allows for Row-by-Row Population Control, Turn Compensation, and Integrated Clutching
  • DeltaForce from Precision Planting
    • Row-by-Row Dynamic DownForce Control with the ability to Lift if needed
  • vApplyHD from Precision Planting
    • Row-by-Row Liquid Application Control with Variable Rate, Turn Compensation, and Clutching Capabilities
  • Yetter 2968-030 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Openers
    • Places Fertilizer 2″ off Row on Surface After Opening Discs pass
    • Fed by vApplyHD System
  • SunCo SaberTooth Single Blade Row Cleaners
    • Pin Adjust
  • 24GPM HydraBoost PTO Pump
    • Supplied by Command Hydraulics
    • Attached to tractor with Pump Doctor coupling system to eliminate vibration and maximize component life






The CaseIH Agriculture logo is a trademark™ or registered® trademark of CNH Industrial in the USA and other countries. Precision Point LLC is neither affiliated nor endorsing CaseIH Agriculture.  Any and all references made are for informational purposes only.